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"Research on eco-friendly natural materials"

MUKUNGHWA utilizes natural materials, taking the lead of developing eco-friendly products with a strong sense of responsibility for mankind and the environment.

Eco-friendly Operation

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Acquisition of the Eco Mark

12 eco-friendly products of MUKUNGHWA have acquired the Eco Mark as their contribution to customer health and clean life is recognized as well as preservation of the environment to be handed down to the future generation

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Bio Industry Sectors

Its research on chemistry in everyday life is expanding to cover the promising bio industry too

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New Product Development

With cutting-edge test facilities and capable researchers, MUKUNGHWA continues expanding its R&D areas including eco-friendly laundry soap, powder detergent, liquid detergent, dish-washing detergent, cosmetics, quasi-drugs, etc.

Record of a Research

“Hardwood Charcoal Bogam”, a laundry soap which features deodorant and antibiotic qualities.

“SOKY for toughest stains”, a laundry detergent that can remove the toughest stains.

“BRIGHT, BRIGHT DRUM”, a powder detergent with 99.9% sterilization power

“SOKY water soap”, a liquid detergent that is gentle to skin

“OGOK, HONEY & YULPY, HARDWOOD for exfoliation”, body soaps which remove dead skin cells with AHA containing natural ingredients.

“DR. TEEN”, an excellent acne treatment.

“MEDISON, antibiotic soap for feet”, which gets rid of foot odors, itching, and sweat.

“Medison Handwash, Hand Cleaner”, an excellent antibacterial handwash for the family.

“XYLYKID”a children’s dental care line promoting dental health of children with high quality toothpaste and toothbrush.

“XYLDENT”, an adult dental care line for the family.

“KITCHEN SOAP”, which is a mild kitchen detergent containing natural grain extracts and hardwood charcoal

‘O’clean’ is made of 100% plant-derived, safe, hypo-allergenic, and no-additive washing elements