Introduction to Mukungwha

정직함으로 건강한 삶을 만들어가는 기업

Nature loves company

Our mission is to serve our consumers and protect the environment through environmentally friendly operation and innovative product development.

Mukungwha was established in 1947 in Seosomun-dong, Seoul with the corporate philosophy of doing “Eco-friendly business.” For over 60 years, we have gained consumers’ confidence through producing great products based on our innovative and environmentally friendly ideas.


Eco-friendly operation

Guided by the belief that nothing is better than natural raw materials, we strive to realize “100% natural source manufacturing” from laundry detergents and dishwashing liquids to body care and oral care products through advanced technology and continued R & D.

Specializing in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

In order to meet consumers’ demands and reciprocate their confidence in our expertise, we focus on improving the quality of our products and diversifying our portfolio of products ranging from body care, cosmetics, cleaning, and laundry products to medicine. We are committed to caring and nurturing not only our consumers’ health and well-being but also nature for better future.